Aalborg, DGI Nordkraft


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There is just as much to explore and discover in the inner world as in the outer world.

Experience the ancient Chinese practice that connects you to the ground and your breath, and let your movements flow with slow, smooth, and sometimes hard and powerful moves.

QiGong helps grounding and strengthen the body, to connect to your senses, and create harmony between the body and the mind. This internal work balances the physical movement, breath, and intention.

In QiGong, the movements are easy to learn, thus it fits all ages!
Come and tap into a deeper source of your power.


Sted: DGI Nordkraft

Adresse: Teglgårds plads 1, 9000 Aalborg

Telefon: WellB +45 2828 3333

E-mail: nordkraft@dgihus.dk